Excel 2019 protect sheet greyed out

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Excel 2019 protect sheet greyed out

I created an Excel greyed file protected elements of several excel sheets, then shared it. I am working on a spreadsheet inherited from 2019 another person ( who' s unavailable). I notice that the option to " Protect Sheet" option on the Review tab/ 2019 Changes is grayed out. I then have spent time on setting up a sheet to track changes ( just in case this has any bearing on the problem). When I open the file I am no longer able to Unprotect Sheet because it is greyed out. Functions greyed out I have a workbook in workbook are unprotected yet still most of the tab functions ( insert, Excel, delete, where if you go to review you can see that both the worksheet rename etc) are greyed 2019 out.

even to me all the remaining cells excel are locked. Probably have sheet protection turned on. Unprotect Sheet suddenly greyed out I have protected a worksheet as it has several formulae on that 2019 2019 I do not wat anyone else to mistakingly delete. Why is the " protect sheet" option grayed out ( Excel )? Excel 2019 protect sheet greyed out. Others users 2019 have since entered excel data and resaved the file. As a excel first try, I repaired the MS Office excel ( ) installation but the problem still exists. I had locked the sheet for restricted editing, but something happened while excel someone else was using it to where the Unprotect Sheet button is now greyed out. One of my customers faced the following strange problem when he opens several Excel files: The Excel file seem to open normally, but the Excel won' t show the worksheet ( Worksheet area is grayed out the data doesn' t appear at all).

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unprotect sheet ( icon is greyed out) I put a protection on the sheet so it is a read only, but I need to go back in and unprotect it to change some of the cells. Unprotect Grayed Out When I save a spreadsheet to a shared drive on our server and then go back and repoen, the spreadsheet is protected and the unprotect is grayed out. I have checked and the sheet is not saved as a shared file. There are multiple visible sheets in the workbook, the file just seems pretty buggy.

excel 2019 protect sheet greyed out

If I right- click on the sheet in the VBAProject window, it allows me to hide the already hidden sheet. If I look at the visible state in the Properties tab, it tells me that the sheet is hidden and does not allow me to switch the class to visible. All Excel options are greyed out.